Partners in Learning Website

PiLTalk Website (Partners in Learning/CCCU)

PiLTalk was a unique and interesting project-sharing interactive website for students and staff of Canterbury Christ Church University to share and develop ideas, post projects, essays, research, images, videos or anything!

They were various levels of sharing and engagement that could be selected according to the user's needs. As Partners in Learning, anyone could add content, invite feedback, message other users in private or via the forums. Profiles could be personalised and content added at anytime.

If required, project level indicators (icons) measured status of progression through a structured process of development stages.

All in all, it was like a sophisticated social media Facebook for internal use of the university staff and students to engage in new and exciting ideas.

Unfortunately, a change in priorities (management change) saw the project close down just before in went into mainstream use.

The images below show an evolution of the design (click to see a popup slideshow).