Bigheads (and Eyes)

Bigheads (ITV)) 

A very unusual project and a chance to work with the most fantastic team at Plunge Creations.

The project involved the very tricky task of inventing rolling pairs of eyes (eye-mechs) for some very large celebrity character heads that were to be part of a new ITV game show called Bigheads.

The brief:

Eyeballs must roll around (in sync with each other) to bring a sense of reality to the heads when worn.

According to the character's features and amazing characterisation, the eyeballs might be small or large (varying diameters 5cm to 12cm) and can be set very close or wide apart (approx 12cm to 40cm).

A kit of adaptable parts was needed to quickly make up pairs and be ready to assemble, insert and repair while on TV filming set.

The eye-mechanisms must be durable, withstand being seriously smashed around, getting wet, be lightweight and safe for the person wearing the Bighead.

Nothing much then...! - Actually the project was really quite tricky.

Some shots from the TV Game Show (aired 2017):


The following images show some of the progress during the project. It was a great project to work on, there were some major problems to overcome and some interesting 'Eureka!' moments occurred along the way, without which, things just wouldn't have been quite right.